Corporate Video Production

Our Corporate Services:
Event coverage
Electronic press kits
Company communications
CEO announcements
Video news releases
Filming for Website content


Teleprompter Services

mobile teleprompting 11 01 2015
Often executives feel uncomfortable when having to deliver a message straight to camera. The use of a teleprompter provides the comfort needed to deliver the information. Our mobile prompter is set up in less than 15 minutes. Any prepared note can be displayed.


Trade Show Coverage

Trade shows can be costly, but they are indispensable in B2B communication. To be on site with a camera crew and upload the footage to the web provides a vast increase in awareness of product launches. Not every key client or key business partner can be at each event. With video coverage you´ll be just a click away.


Press Kits for Broadcasters


Broadcasters welcome EPKs because it represents free content. But don´t expect free advertising. Do good things and talk about them. Don´t do to much branding. Most broadcasters appreciate footage which is looking like their own camera crew did the shoot. Fulfil their quality requirements. If they want a XDCam Disk, provide it. If they want a ProRes or DnXHD File, have it available.