Camera Crew


Our Camera Crew is always equipped with: Camera of your choice (see below), Canon  HJ14ex4,3b IRSE (wide lens), Canon  HJ17ex7,6b IRSE (standard lens), Tripod Sachtler Video 20 A, Zoe Zoom Lens Remote, Lite Panels Led on camera light, Sachtler Reporter 3 x 300 Watt lighting kit w gels, Dedoflex bounceboard/reflector, 4ch stereo audio mixer, wireless lavs Sennheiser, wireless handheld Sennheiser microphone, VdB boompole, unidirectional microphone Sennheiser MKH 416 with windshield, battery powered directors production monitor, Mercedes station wagon with AC & navigation



Sony´s XDCam is now the most popular aqusition format within the European Broadcasters. Using the PDW F-800 enables us to work with the same equipment for our local & international clients.. Virtually any frame rate or resolution can be recorded with that camera.  There is no “PAL” or “NTSC” model, the F-800 is a World-Camera. Even 24p recording is standard, not an option.

Cinema EOS Canon C300 


One of the most popular Cameras in Broadcast & Feature Films. High Quality  MPEG-2
4:2:2 50 Mbps Codec. A file format which can be used by any Broadcaster.  Outstanding skin tones. 12 stops of dynamic range, even in low light when used with Canon Log Gamma. If I do have a favorite camera, it´s this one.

Sony FS-7  


„Big“ Sensor cameras have been an option for several years. Shallow DoF, better light sensivity and last not least the cinematic look are solid arguments. The Sony FS-7 is a true workhorse. Stunning picture quality, a frame rate up to 180fps and superb ergonomics made it easy for us to opt for this system. In HD it records the extremely popular XDCAM (.mxf) file format which is accepted by virtually any broadcaster in the world.  4K or UHD is recorded in XAVC-I or XAVC-L

Cinema EOS Canon C100


The perfect companion for the C300. Very lightweight, EF lens mount, C-Log, professional XLR audio inputs. It is good for the tightest budget



With P2 we can provide any HD (up to 1080) or any SD resolution (Pal & NTSC) with all frame rates. Content can be stored on any off-the-shelf data storage device, including hard drives. Unlike with tape or disc, as technology evolves, a producer will never need to worry if they will have the video deck from which to retrieve their valuable content. P2 HD records data in files and allows direct edits, with no need for digitizing before editing.

Digital Betacam


The Digital Betacam format has been the high quality format for standard definition video production since its inception in 1993. Our Sony DVW-970 P camcorder represents the latest example of this technology.

DVCPro 25/50


DVCPro was (and still is) used by German Broadcasters ZDF, rbb and MDR. Hundreds of well working VTRs can be found in the facilities. It is an excellent tool for aqusition in Standard Def  and we do have a camera in house.