Camera Crew


Our Camera Crew is always equipped with: Camera of your choice (see below), Zoom lenses, Tripod Sachtler Video 20 A, Zoe Zoom Lens Remote, Lite Panels Led on camera light, Sachtler Reporter 3 x 300 Watt lighting kit w gels, Dedoflex bounceboard/reflector, 4ch stereo audio mixer, wireless lavs Sennheiser, wireless handheld Sennheiser microphone, VdB boompole, unidirectional microphone Sennheiser MKH 416 with windshield, battery powered directors production monitor, Mercedes station wagon with AC & navigation


Sony FX-9, Sony FS-7, Sony PDW F-800, Sony A7 M3, Canon C300, Canon C100, Panasonic HPX-600 P2